Leadership Coaching

Individual leadership coaching is most often offered to those leaders that have the greatest potential to grow and take on bigger challenges or roles. While there are many approaches to providing coaching, the preferred approach is a six month relationship. It is critical that there is alignment between coach, client, and the organization. Once goals are aligned there may be an assessment (psychometric, 360, or interviews). If appropriate, the assessment is used to establish a baseline against which progress toward goals can be assessed. The coach and client meet on an established timeline (normally every one or two weeks), either in person or on the phone. A key element of the upfront alignment meetings are to determine the appropriate feedback loops from client to organization, and organization to client.

There are a wide range of issues that might be addressed in coaching. Some of the more common include the ability to think more strategically. leadership presence, more effective team leadership, establishing or turning around a business function, and support for leading a significant change effort.

Leadership coaching is the very definition of reducing interference. It wholeheartedly engages where the client is doing the most to get in her/his way.