Team Development & Facilitation

Facilitation for Strategy/Goals/Change

Teams are often unclear (and thus not aligned) on strategy, goals, and role in creating change. Through facilitation techniques we help teams get clear and get committed to the outcomes that will make the biggest difference for the team and theorganization. This may be done in an off-site "retreat" setting or through regular team meetings (or a hybrid of the two). There is always upfront work with the leader(s) of the team and often interviews with all team members. This is done so that the team can be most effective during the faciliated sessions.


Facilitation for Relationships/Team Culture

The process may look similar to that above with team leader meetings and interviews with the team. Additionally a team assessment may be performed. Very often we find that the real impediment to team success rests in misaligned expectations and toxic relationships. We believe that the only way to success is directly through those issues. Through upfront interviews and facilitation we surface the issues and work with the team to develop coping strategies that are both manageable and sustainable. Even teams that are not in "breakdown" can benefit from this type of session.