Workshops & Seminars for Leaders

Provided below are high-level descriptions of our three most popular workshops (Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, and Change/Transition). The actual workshop is modified to fit each each unique culture and set of leadership development goals. We also create a wide range of custom workshops based on your specific needs.

These three workshops can also be combined and sequenced in a way that creates an ongoing leadership development program, supported by assignments and coaching between.


Emotional Intelligence - Two Days

Emotionally intelligent leaders consistently outperform their counterparts. They leaders demontrate greater self-awareness, self-management (relationships with others), greater optimism and resilience, and a stronger ability to "slow the action" in order to respond more effectively to challenges. We know that the benefits of enhancing emotional intelligence benefits every part of our lives, not just work and leadership.


Coaching for Leaders - Two Days

This workshop focuses on the three primary skills of coaching (listening, asking questions, and providing feedback). Ample opportunity is provided to learn about and more importantly to practice and get feedback on those skills. Coaching models are provided to enable the participant to guide coaching conversations to be productive and purposeful.


Leading Change & Transition - Two Days

Leaders are absolutely required to not just embrace change, but to lead it. This workshop comes third in the sequence because we know that leaders without emotional intelligence and coaching capacity will almost certainly fail at leading change. This workshop focuses on both sides - the change (in the environment) and the transition (in the person).

Tools for thinking differently about the thing (new strategy, new competitive landscape, new markets, new products, new challenges, etc) that needs changing are provided. However, we know that the change efforts that fail are most likely to fail because employees do not pyschologically engage the change. This worshop provides distinctions and tools to help lead "the people side" of change.